How to Write the Ultimate Email Sequence (for your business or for your clients)

About a year ago we surprised our oldest daughter with a set of keys to her own car. I’m sure my mixture of emotions were similar to most parents who’ve reached this milestone with their teenagers. I was equal parts joy (now I had an eager-errand-runner), and fear (I’ve never done this, how will I […]

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Turn Your Visitors Into Customers Using These Email Marketing Tips! Podcast Feature

Email marketing for the rest of us… I bet you use email every day. I’d also bet that you use it to either persuade, educate, or entertain others to do or think, or understand something. Or, it maybe you use it to simply receive information. No matter what you use it for, email is a […]

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How to Grow Your Email List with an Online Quiz

“Ok students, take out your pencils and a sheet a paper, today we’re having a pop quiz.” Do those words still make your heart accelerate and your palms get sweaty? Have no fear! The quiz I want to introduce you to is one that is not only fun but also an excellent tool to help […]

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