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I love email marketing. I love how a clear message can almost instantly produce results. You know it when you see it because a good email will make take you (the reader) on a journey. But if you’ve slowed down enough to read one of the probably 100+ emails you’ve received today, then that email has broken through a lot of barriers to getting (and keeping) your attention.

There are a few essential elements every email should have.

When you have these elements in place, you can spend time focusing on your message. The real reason why the email is being sent in the first place.

But just like when you’re about to fix a meal, you want to make sure you’ve got all the ingredients, you’ve gotta have these 12 ingredients to get cookin’ on your email marketing.

One of my clients sells cigars. I’ve learned A LOT about email marketing through the selling of cigars in the last few years! 🙂 Whatever you sell, here are 12 essentials elements your email should have in order to be the most effective!

Email elements

12 Essential Elements Every Email Should Have

1.Subject line – Arguably, the subject line is the most important element to your email. Why? Because without a stellar subject line, you might not even get opened. Keep it short and simple and something that will grab your viewers attention. Position your keywords at the front. Ask a question, be provocative. Be conversational.

2. From – Again, this might seem like a no-brainer, but people are more likely to delete an email if they don’t know who it’s from. Use your company name or possibly your personal name with two to three-word tagline or descriptor. People are more likely to open an email from someone they recognize versus not.

3. Reply email –Make it personal a real person’s contact name and email, if possible.

4. Preheader- This is valuable real estate in your email. Often what shows up in your subject line and your recipient’s inbox. It can give a quick snapshot of the email and earn you an open.

5. Header- This may include a well-designed company logo tagline or description of you. Consider hiring a professional to set up your email template.

6. Headline. Make It Count! If it doesn’t grab their attention they won’t read on. Your headline should use one to two keywords be engaging and informative use the H1 font and be linked to the same content on your site if applicable.

7. Subheads – Use short phrases that communicate the important points and help move the reader through the copy. They are usually bold and in larger H1 or H2 font.

8. Sale line – If you are offering a sale on a particular product or service consider moving it to the middle of the email increase the font size and Link it to your website.

9. CTA or the ‘Call to Action’ – Each email should have the desired outcome. I personally like to sprinkle my CTAs throughout the entire length of the email. In the above image, the CTA action is linked to the images, to the sale line (in the middle of the email), and again at the bottom of the email.

10. Visual element – A well-placed picture, graphic, video or infographic can help you visually tell or enhance your email or offer.

11. Copy – This is my favorite part. Every email should deliver valuable content. The average modern reader is looking to get info quickly, so in some cases, it’s good to be short, sweet and to the point. If your objective is to sell a product, you might want to follow the above example and make it an easily scannable email. But if you’re sending a sales letter, longer is generally more acceptable. Know what your purpose is then write to accomplish that purpose.

12. A signature – Always include a line with your name or company name a URL contact information so that your reader knows what to do next.

How have you made email marketing work for you and your business? Are you interested in learning more about how you can be an email marketing maven and how you can offer email marketing services to your clients? Let me know in the comments!

Email marketing is my jam,   Cara

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