I recently launched unbounded-potential.com and could not be more pleased with the work Tim and Cara did on my website redesign and overhaul! Having been in business now for 5 years, I have worked with dozens of service professionals – in fact, this redesign was the 3rd I’ve completed – and all of my other experiences pale in comparison to working with Tim and Cara. Tim completely captured the look and feel I was going for and was able to put into a visual what I wasn’t even able to clearly describe. His background in user experience greatly improved upon the practical and user experience throughout the site. He provided countless suggestions and ideas that I wouldn’t have even thought about, that greatly improved upon the final product. Cara was an invaluable partner in adding in key copy where it was needed, and I wasn’t prepared with it. They worked seamlessly together and with me, making me feel completely comfortable, confident and at ease throughout the entire process. I have had negative experiences in the past and I cannot highlight enough how night and a day of an experience it was for me working with Tim and Cara. I cannot recommend them enough and sing their praises to anyone who asks.