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Prepare & Plan

Kiss feeling overwhelmed goodbye by taking the important (and often overlooked steps) of laying the proper foundation for your email sequence. Out of the 6 most common email sequences used today, you'll be able to identify the one(s) that will serve you best, and outline your customized sequence with clarity and confidence.

Uniqueness & Unhappiness

Before you can serve others, you have to know what makes you unique among your competition. When you've tapped into your own unique factor, you'll be able to drill down on how you alone can best solve your client's unhappiness. Honing in on these two factors will help you write with power and persuasion.

Tantalize & Tease

Often the hardest part of writing the email, is the most crucial element to get right - the headline or the subject line. Know when to add a little interest or intrigue or when you should cut straight to the chase are the skills you need to develop when writing your subject lines. Follow these 4 guidelines to strike the right balance to keep your readers engaged and entertained.

Distribute & Deliver

With the proper foundation laid, it's time to write your email sequence. The purpose of the first sentence, is to get the second sentence read, and then the third, and so on. Be sure to use these 8 checkpoints throughout your copy to maximize their impact and influence.

Voice & Vibe

How are some entrepreneurs and companies able to effortlessly connect with their audience? The answer is they've identified their voice and vibe in their writing. You can sound like you, and maybe an improved version of you, when you follow these 4 guidelines that will help you sound authentic and authoritative.

Conversions & Calls to Action

Connection with your audience is one thing, getting them to act is an entirely different animal. A great call to action is more than the words used inside the button like "BUY NOW" or "CLICK HERE." It's about knowing your audience's needs and walking them through a process where they'll become your faithful fans and friends.

Edit & Execute

Stepping back and looking at your own work with fresh and critical eyes is an important step to any writing project, and writing an email sequence is no exception. Following the guidelines laid out in this section will help you measure your final product with your original goals and make sure your automation is locked and loaded.

Analyze & Adapt

Reaching optimal effectiveness on your email sequences takes some trial and error. Knowing what emails received the most engagement is a good starting point for making improvements. Learn from your experience and adapt for next time using these metrics for peak performance and potential.

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