A Practical Guide for the Work-At-Home Mom

Working mother. Those two words have always felt redundant to me. Of course, all mothers are working mothers. Unless your a Kardashian and you can hire all the help in the world to raise your kids! Be it, stay-at-home full-time mommas and mommas who have some level of outside work, we are ALL working moms. […]

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Top 8 Reasons You Should Hire a Copywriter

You may be no slouch in the writing department, and perhaps people have even mentioned that you have a way with words. So do you really need to hire a professional copywriter to write your website? The answer is yes! And here are 8 reasons why. 1. Ain’t nobody got time for that! A lot […]

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Confessions of an Accidental Copywriter

Hi there and welcome to my blog! If we could sit down over some lattes and swap stories, here are a few of the highlights that have brought me to this time and place. Sometimes I think I tripped, stumbled and fell into being a copywriter. In truth, many of the chapters of my life […]

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